Senior Data Advisor

Contact: r.valencia@cepei.org 

Economist from the Javeriana University. Pending delivery of thesis in the master’s degree in economics at the Javeriana University. Between September 2022 and the present, he has served as the programmatic coordinator of Juan Daniel Oviedo’s Bogotá mayoral campaign (Movimiento Con Todo por Bogotá); consultant in data management for entities such as Asocapitales and Universidad Javeriana de Cali. Consultant on Circular Economy issues for ANDI (Vision 3030) and GIZ; consultant in socioeconomic statistics to Demarginalize consultants. He was deputy director general of the National Administrative Department of Statistics – DANE between September 2018 and August 2022. Strategic director of the regional initiative for inclusive recycling, an initiative of technical support and international cooperation for governments and civil society organizations financed by the IDB, MIF, Coca–Cola, Pepsico, and Avina Foundation (2014-2018). Executive Director of CEMPRE Colombia (Business Commitment to Recycling) (2011-2014). Project coordinator for the assembly of a comprehensive waste management system in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with indigenous organizations, recyclers, Tetra Pak, and Corporación Horizontes (2011).


Coordinator for Latin America on Waste Picker issues at WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing) (2010 – 2011). Project coordinator at the Avina Colombia Foundation on issues of sustainable development and inclusion in Latin America (2006 – 2010). Associate researcher at Georgetown University – Colombia Program on issues of strengthening local democracy and value chains in Colombia (2002-2005). Advisor to the presidency of Confecámaras on economic and transparency issues (2001-2002). Professor at the Faculty of Economics at the Universidad del Rosario. Experience in project and team leadership in evidence-based problem-solving.

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