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Director of Cepei, an independent think tank, that he founded in 2003. From there on, he has worked with an interdisciplinary team that closely interacts with decision takers and those who influence them.


During the last 16 years he has provided policy solutions and insights in critical strategic areas so as to optimize the engagement on: governance, finance and data for sustainable development. Before joining Cepei, he worked as a Project Coordinator for the École de la Paix in Grenoble, served as an adviser to the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation in Paris, France, and for the Colombian government’s commercial office in Hamburg, Germany. He has also been a consultant for several international organizations such as the World Bank, UNDP, Inter-American Development Bank, Ford Foundation, King’s College London and GIZ.

Over the past years, he has been part of numerous initiatives: he was the co-chair of Beyond 2015, and currently serves as a board member of Together 2030 and Core Women and of the Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century. He is also a member of the Technical Advisory Group of the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data, the Programme Committee of the UN World Data Forum, and the SDSN Thematic Research Network on Data and Statistics (SDSN TReNDS). In 2018 he was a visiting Fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP).

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Message from the Director of Cepei

Message from the Director of Cepei

Our director shares the story of how he founded Cepei and the importance of partnerships to remain relevant during the last 20 years. "How were we able to continue driving action, creating innovative projects, and how could we steer a southern-based think tank through a pandemic that within days changed our modus operandi?"
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