Research Director

Contact: j.surasky@cepei.org 

Ph.D. in International Relations (La Plata National University, Argentina) Master in International Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action (International University of Andalucia). He has taught international cooperation courses at different postgraduate careers in Latin America and European universities.


Professor of Public International Law at the La Plata National University. He worked as a consultant of different international organizations, governments, and civil society organizations. He authored several books and articles in scientific journals and currently coordinates the Governance for Development Unit of Cepei.

Events participation


17 Rooms Latin America: Final Report

17 Rooms Latin America: Final Report

This final report summarizes Cepei's work in adapting the 17 Rooms initiative in Latin America. The objective of the work was to move forward on the SDGs accomplishment in the region and to bring together, through dialogue, stakeholders from different sectors to find short-term solutions.
2023 High-Level Political Forum: data-driven expectations

2023 High-Level Political Forum: data-driven expectations

This year’s HLPF takes place in a global context that is more complicated than it seems. Although some encouraging elements are revealed at first glance, these are combined with a political framework in which priorities are not focused on accelerating the path toward sustainable development.
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