Data Researcher

Contact: j.toure@cepei.org 

Design Engineer in Electricity and Master Graduate in Mathematical Sciences with good knowledge of programming language such as python and R for the use of data science, machine learning and Deep learning tasks/projects.



At cepei, he researches on thematics related to sustainable development goals to produce insights for decision-making as well as advising on data analytics tools for data minng.


Protection for women: Policies and data

Protection for women: Policies and data

The last sixty years have raised awareness regarding violence against women and have changed the way they are perceived nowadays. Nevertheless, there are many challenges that still need to be addressed, such as not knowing the laws and lack of tracked records.
Big data in Education: Literacy

Big data in Education: Literacy

Being literate or illiterate definitely does not mean belonging to a specific community of language-speakers or being able to speak a particular language. What does it mean then to be literate? And how could big data in education contribute to literacy?
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