• Strengthen COVID-19 response and recovery efforts in the Global South
  • Generate data-driven knowledge for countries’ socioeconomic recovery
  • Inform decision-makers to advance a pandemic recovery process in line with the SDGs


Our solutions provide evidence of the pandemic’s socioeconomic impacts on the Global South to support response and recovery strategies.

Recovery Pillars

It contains a comprehensive set of data from multiple countries and the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19. It analyzes data collected from traditional and non-traditional information flows.

Global Terminal

From data to knowledge on COVID-19 in the countries of the Global South. Find the general context of the pandemic and a ranking contrasting metrics, daily and weekly infection and death rates.

Country Profiles

A snapshot guide to the impacts of the pandemic on countries in the Global South. They provide socioeconomic data to inform decision-makers design recovery strategies. Explore our interactive dashboards. 

Data stories

Our data stories communicate clear, impactful, and timely messages. They are built around selected themes, using evidence and visualizations to enrich their content.

Open data

Access to all information from the Center for analysis and research on the Global South’s COVID-19 response and recovery processes. We offer raw data, tables, charts, graphs, and maps.

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