Op-ed column by Philipp Schönrock in El País about the conclusions of the SDG Summit

September 26, 2023

“As the sustainable development agenda reaches a turning point, the critical question that will have to be faced is how to move from agreement on the issues to transformative global action based on a clear and compelling vision for change. There is an urgent need to overcome uncertainty about how to get to where we want to be in 2030.”

Philipp Schönrock, Executive Director, Cepei

In an op-ed column published by the newspaper El País, Philipp Schönrock, Executive Director of Cepei analyzed the conclusions of the SDG Summit, which culminated in New York on September 19, and stated that it is urgent to change the current political course, reform our institutions and work dynamics to accelerate the fulfillment of the SDGs.

Schönrock affirmed that, to move from agreements to transformative actions, four elements are necessary: “political decision, financing, better data, and action-oriented work”. This will help overcome uncertainty about making the most progress possible by 2030 and ensure a dignified, just, and equitable survival of societies and the planet’s resources over the long term.

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