Javier Surasky talks to France 24 about progress on the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs

September 25, 2023

“Beyond the desired course, there are barriers to the actions. Cepei developed the VNR Quality Tracker tool to create an index of how well each country is meeting its targets. They identified that one obstacle is the lack of financing. This is why countries in the South are increasingly calling for reform of the global financial system”.

María Clara Calle, journalist for France 24

In an interview with France 24 News Agency, Javier Surasky, Cepei’s Research Director, spoke about the challenges and opportunities currently facing Latin American and Caribbean countries with the 2030 Agenda. He said that “the SDGs on water, energy, and development of sustainable communities are some of the most serious problems. The most critical is the one related to water (SDG 6), which has the worst performance in the region in terms of its level of progress”.

On the lack of financing for the agenda, Surasky said that on paper all countries agree on the steps to be taken, “what happens is that when it comes time to move from what needs to be done to how to do it, progress and funding gets stuck.”

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