Data Action Plan 2030: multi-stakeholder partnerships are key to accelerate SDG implementation

November 17, 2023

Last November 15 Cepei presented together with Open Data Watch, during the PARIS21 Fall Meetings 2023, the Data Action Plan 2030, which proposes a vision on how to expand and accelerate the creation of data systems between now and 2030 and beyond. The initiative was created together with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, PARIS21, Open Data Watch, SDSN TReNDS.

During the event, Philipp Schönrock, Executive director of Cepei, emphasized three key points for unlocking the transformative potential of data to 2030: the need to build political support through the UN Power of Data initiative, establish collective strategies such as the Cape Town Global Action Plan, and identify commitments that lead to immediate action at global and local levels through the data action plan.  

To achieve this process, it is also important to bring together all stakeholders interested in sustainable development. That is why the roadmap outlined in the Data Action Plan 2030 invites civil society, the private sector, academia, policymakers, digital communities, and national and international agencies to join the initiative and achieve the acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Multilateral organizations and governments cannot achieve the 2030 Agenda on their own, so multi-stakeholder partnerships are necessary to achieve the SDGs. 

This initiative proposes five key points to achieve the momentum needed for data related to sustainable development:

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