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We strengthen knowledge about the processing, visualization and communication of big data through training sessions such as workshops and conferences on the use of tools; The exchange of experiences between regions and institutions by integrating fellows to our team and delivering training scholarships; As well as the creation of partnerships between private sector companies, academia and decision makers.

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Visualizing sustainable development: workshop for the use of the Tableau software

Within the framework of the partnership between Cepei and Tableau Foundation, we grant 30 participants from civil society, academia, government, the private sector and the media, from Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, to participate in a data visualization training.

Research on big data to deepen the opportunities offered by its use, and the challenges it brings about, to measure sustainable development progress.

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State of the art of #BigData in Costa Rica to measure the Sustainable Development Goals

Making a recognition of the national data ecosystem and the use of non-traditional data sources of Costa Rica, this document reviews the national context regarding the use of big data to measure the SDG indicators in the country.

We analyze big data by processing large volumes of information, and evidencing its benefits for sustainable development and decision making.


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Sentiment Analysis to inform about the SDGs: Immigration in Colombia and Costa Rica

In this paper, we present the use of Sentiment Analysis in implementing SDGs through a use case which addresses the problem of immigration in Colombia and in Costa Rica. For this purpose, we have proposed a new Machine Learning (ML) based Sentiment Analysis approach on data related to immigration in these two countries, collected from Twitter.

Governance of Big Data development ecosystems

This document aims to describe the current challenges faced by national governments, and consequently society and the global community, with the increase of information production and the manifold possibilities to use it, disseminate it and regulate it.

A general overview of big data for sustainable development in Colombia

This document shows why big data offers an inexpensive and efficient alternative that can help close information gaps, and contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.


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The University of the West Indies and Cepei joined efforts to develop the BD4D Caribbean initiative

The University of the West Indies and Cepei organized two workshops in Kingston, Jamaica, on big data and data visualization for local private sector representatives, academia, statistical offices and data and statistics experts.


Funded by the International Development Research Center (IDRC) of Canada, the Network has five strategic partners that promote research through their expertise and commitment.


Join us!

Data scientists, communicators, journalists and development experts from different areas can donate their time to participate in data analysis and visualization.

Donate your data 

We invite private companies, public institutions and other organizations to donate their big data sets to contribute to better decision making for sustainable development.



Finance special activities such as research, visualizations and mapping of data ecosystems to expand the project.

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