Our Mision

Based on data and analysis, we empower people and institutions to find pathways toward sustainable development.

Our Vision

To be a global driver of action from the South to impact change towards sustainable development through knowledge and partnerships.

Organizational Culture

We present the values that guide and give meaning to our mission to empower people and institutions on the path to sustainable development through data and analytics.


We believe in an interdisciplinary perspective and recognize the importance of a holistic and participatory approach


The capacity to innovate and evolve in a challenging context


We optimize the use of human, technological, and financial resources to meet our goals


We focus our work on maximizing impact on sustainable development


Meeting applicable regulations

We meet legal requirements, laws, and international agreements


Continuous improvement

We provide continuous improvement to the Quality Management System and its processes


Institutional Relations

We establish innovative partnerships and collaborations with the public and private sectors, multilateral organizations, the media, civil society, academia, and philanthropic organizations across regions to generate high-quality knowledge to monitor and implement sustainable development.

Principles aligned with Cepei’s


Articulation with Cepei´s priorities


Clarity and transparency in procedures


Benefit for all institutions involved


Institutional Policy

They lead the organization’s activities and actions, providing a roadmap for Cepei’s daily operations. Ensuring compliance with requirements, guiding decision-making, and streamlining internal processes.

Quality Objectives

Six quality objectives guide Cepei’s efforts to comply with the organization’s quality policy

Brand identity manual

Presents the brand concept of Cepei, design standards, and valid applications and uses of the logo

Editorial Policy

Establishes criteria, and standards for the elaboration of publications produced by Cepei by providing guidance to editorial projects that contribute to implementing and following up on sustainable development

Quality Policy

Presents Cepei’s principles and our commitment to democratic and participatory values, environment, and open data, with full respect for human rights, transparency, and accountability

Workplace and Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Cepei employees have the right to work in an environment free from all forms of discrimination and conduct that may be considered harassment, coercion, disruption, and sexual exploitation.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Cepei has developed this policy to ensure good governance and transparency, fundamental principles that govern our internal management.

Data management policy

In compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, this policy guarantees individuals’ confidentiality, privacy rights, and reputation under the principles of security, legality, access, freedom, and transparency

Project Selection

In all cases, the projects in which Cepei participates must:

Be explicitly linked to sustainable development, governance, financing, and data

Be coherent with national, regional, and global sustainable development priorities

Be financially sustainable to ensure the continuity of the processes

Respect democratic principles, defend human rights and care for the environment

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