2021-2023 STRATEGY

A think tank from the Global South to the world

This roadmap outlines the path Cepei will take over the next three years to contribute to the implementation of global sustainable development agendas. It focuses on three strategic pillars: Consolidating advocacy products, increasing the organization’s relevance, and expanding our scope of action. Institutional strengthening and sustainability are considered cross-cutting pillars. 

Strategic Pillars

These strategic pillars guide our work to comply with the organization’s mission. 

Asset development

We seek to strengthen our capacities in producing knowledge to influence decision-making for sustainable development.


We aim to generate a significant impact by offering relevant value to our audiences and partners and strategically disseminating programs and projects.

Global reach

We envision broadening our advocacy framework in monitoring and implementing global sustainable development agendas.


Between 2021 and 2023, Cepei’s work will be immersed in a global context of uncertainty and crisis, which will affect progress towards sustainable development. Our team will face these challenges over the next three years.

Changes in the world order

Shifts in the world order will be essential to understanding international processes in the coming years. The outcomes of the debate between multilateralism and nationalism will also help define future scenarios.

The data revolution

New technologies allow for renewed solutions for sustainable development. The need for open data and information privacy policies will become increasingly critical as a means of transparency and accountability.

Climate change

The world needs an urgent and profound change in how social life is organized to prevent new and more violent natural disasters. Also, we need to balance the environmental dimension of sustainable development with the economic and social.

Interconnection of global agendas

Progress towards sustainable development will only be possible if the 2030 Agenda is interlinked and aligned with other related agendas such as the Paris Agreement and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda for Financing for Development under an integrated human rights approach.

COVID-19 and its effects

The pandemic has posed the challenge of responding to and recovering from its effects while progressing towards sustainable development. Building Forward Better implies a short-term response and being better prepared to avoid similar situations.

Programmatic Offer

Cepei’s programs are aligned with the organization’s institutional culture, mission, and vision. Its core areas of action seek to bring data closer to decision-makers; co-create and develop critical capacities; participate in the global, regional and national sustainable development process, and inform and represent multiple stakeholders. 

A platform that makes available evidence-based knowledge to support decision-makers throughout the Global South in their post-pandemic socioeconomic recovery processes.

A collaborative co-creation space for National Statistical Offices from Latin America and the Caribbean to exchange knowledge on data communications.

Find in-depth information on national efforts undertaken by 33 Latin America and the Caribbean countries to achieve sustainable development.

A data hub for evidence-based knowledge to monitor and analyze SDG implementation processes in Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Cepei & LIRNEasia with research partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East aim to identify private sector data initiatives for sustainable development in the Global South.

Since 2019, Cepei has been providing actionable recommendations to the United Nations Development System for its regional reform to become more coherent and efficient to deliver on the promise of the SDGs.

This hub provides access to the reports produced by Latin America and the Caribbean countries on the Sustainable Development Goals.

A guide to build and present quality Voluntary National Reviews and learn about best practices for implementing the SDGs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A tool to track the positions of Latin America and the Caribbean governments concerning the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategic Documents

Cepei’s strategic documents contain the foundations for our work over the next three years to expand our relevance, scope, and structure and strengthen our capabilities, efficiency, management, and sustainability.

2021-2023 Strategy

This roadmap will guide Cepei over the next three years to further contribute to implementing and monitoring global sustainable development agendas.

Programmatic offer

Brochure with all the information regarding Cepei’s work methodology and value offered by our programs.

Organizational Chart

Presents the internal structure of the organization and the relationship between areas.

Quality Objectives

Six quality objectives guide Cepei’s efforts to comply with the organization’s quality policy.

Quality Policy

The quality policy presents Cepei’s principles. We are committed to democratic and participatory values, environment, and open data, with full respect for human rights, transparency, and accountability.

Annual Operative Plan 2023

Helps Cepei guarantee coherence between the organization’s objectives, expected results, goals, and indicators. It is the instrument used to monitor and adopt corrective actions in the Strategic Management process.

2021 Management Report

The annual performance report presents data on ongoing and completed projects, revenues, contracts managed, contributions received, and the results achieved to benefit the community.

Anti-corruption policy

Cepei is committed to the highest ethical standards and to comply with regulatory anti-corruption and money laundering laws.

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