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Message from the Director of Cepei
Our director shares the story of how he founded Cepei and the importance of partnerships to remain relevant during the last 20 years. "How were we able to continue driving action, creating innovative projects, and how could we steer a southern-based think tank through a pandemic that within days changed our modus operandi?"



Our online platforms harness the power of data to produce timely and reliable knowledge on implementing and monitoring the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals in the Global South.

A platform that makes available evidence-based knowledge to support decision-makers throughout the Global South in their post-pandemic socioeconomic recovery processes.

A collaborative co-creation space for National Statistical Offices from Latin America and the Caribbean to exchange knowledge on data communications.

Find in-depth information on national efforts undertaken by 33 Latin America and the Caribbean countries to achieve sustainable development.

A data hub for evidence-based knowledge to monitor and analyze SDG implementation processes in Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Cepei & LIRNEasia with research partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East aim to identify private sector data initiatives for sustainable development in the Global South.

Since 2019, Cepei has been providing actionable recommendations to the United Nations Development System for its regional reform to become more coherent and efficient to deliver on the promise of the SDGs.

This hub provides access to the reports produced by Latin America and the Caribbean countries on the Sustainable Development Goals.

A guide to build and present quality Voluntary National Reviews and learn about best practices for implementing the SDGs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A tool to track the positions of Latin America and the Caribbean governments concerning the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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We strive to generate evidence for decision-making and expand the production and use of open data across all sectors and regions. 


Join initiatives on research, analysis, follow-up, and monitoring for sustainable development in the countries of the Global South.


Please support us to expand our reach and create new initiatives. 

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