Main findings:

  • In 2024, Latin America and the Caribbean is called upon to lead, amidst political divisions and economic constraints, in building a stronger multilateralism that drives the acceleration of the SDGs at the global level.
  • There is progress on the Voluntary National Reports (VNRs) submitted in 2023 by St. Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Guyana, and Chile.
  • Accelerating SDG implementation will not be possible without improving the capacities of countries in the region to produce, manage, and transmit quality data. Currently, they risk being left behind in an emerging global digital divide.

What should be done?

In its Flagship Report 2024, Cepei analysed the state, challenges and opportunities of the geopolitical context in Latin America and the Caribbean and its impact on the monitoring and implementation systems of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Among its recommendations for actions to be taken in the region, it highlighted the need to rebuild regional policy dialogue spaces, prioritise quality in reporting on the SDGs and strengthen South-South cooperation on statistical issues.

Flagship Report 2023

UNGA 78 - SDG Summit

Cepei’s Flagship Report 2023 analysed the quality of 19 Voluntary National Reports (VNRs), the governance of Latin America and the Caribbean and the state of regional data ecosystems.

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