The impact of COVID-19 on the 2030 Agenda

Jun 9, 2020

The Governance Coordinator of Cepei, Javier Surasky, was invited by Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores to participate in a webinar, held on June 03, about the effects of the current pandemic on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDG

Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores organizes an open talks series with students and graduates. Our Coordinator´s participation was given within the framework of the Cooperation agreement that Cepei and the university have had since 2019.

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Regarding the impact that the pandemic has generated on sustainable development, Javier Surasky assured that COVID-19 has caused direct impacts on each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), stating that “in 2020 what is likely to happen for the first time is that human development levels will drop drastically”.

The Governance Coordinator also explained that poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to increase by 4.4%. In other words, there will be 27 million more poor people in the region, which also implies that 87 million people would enter extreme poverty.

In this sense, he affirmed, in the COVID-19 context, the 2030 Agenda becomes more important than ever. Multilateralism, international cooperation, transparency, international law, public information, are the channels to strengthen to face this pandemic.

For Surasky, it is clear that the 2030 Agenda must be the guide to redesign the post-COVID world, which he assures, “is a responsibility of everyone.”

To conclude, our Governance Coordinator stated regarding COVID-19:

“This pandemic is a lesson for sustainable development, it worries that there are world leaders who deny climate change or who are not prepared for an environmental crisis.”

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