The Director of Cepei in Cologne at Workshop for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Oct 19, 2017

The International Workshop for MSP-Support Platforms is being hosted by Partnerships2030 in Cologne, Germany, on October 18th to 19th. Cepei´s Director, Philipp Schönrock, will contribute to the discussion with the Colombian perspective.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) are an important means of achieving sustainable development. In order to encourage them, several platforms around the world are mobilizing, informing and supporting various sectors around MSPs activities.

To strengthen the capabilities of these platforms, Partnerships2030 is organizing in Cologne, Germany, a two-day workshop for experts in the field of partnering for sustainable development to generate knowledge sharing.

The workshop seeks to foster mutual learning, transfer of best practices and lessons learned regarding the construction, promotion and support of platforms for the generation of multi-stakeholder Partnerships for SDGs, in order to identify potential elements for mutual cooperation between platforms.

International Workshop for MSP-Support Platforms, October 18th 2017, Cologne, Germany
International Workshop for MSP-Support Platforms, October 18th 2017, Cologne, Germany

The meeting will be joined by representatives from different countries: Kenya, United Kingdom, Germany, Zambia, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the Netherlands and Malawi. The LAC region will be represented by Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and Colombia. The latter, on behalf of María Carolina Suárez, Executive Director of the Association of Family and Corporate Foundations (AFE), and Philipp Schönrock, Director of Cepei.

International Workshop for MSP-Support Platforms, Daisy Kambalame, The Sustainable Trade Initiative; Nicholas Awortwi, Partnership  for African Social and Governance Research; Arif Neky, SDG Philanthropy Platform Kenya; Nancy Silva, Peruvian International Cooperation AgencyOctober 18th 2017, Cologne, Germany
International Workshop for MSP-Support Platforms, John Patrick Ngoyi, Together 2030, and Philipp Schönrock, Cepei, October 19th 2017, Cologne, Germany

Partnerships2030 is a broker in the field of multi-stakeholder-partnerships. It pools the expertise and experience of the GIZ and Engagement Global – bengo on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The services provided by these organisations will help partners to successfully work together to pursue sustainable development.

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