The first step towards sustainable development is to create a sense of ownership

Sep 30, 2021

The 2030 Agenda encourages sustainable development actors to join forces for its compliance. The private sector produces quality information to measure the progress of the 169 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets.

Philipp Schönrock, Director of Cepei, participated as a panelist in the conversation and emphasized that the first step towards the 2030 Agenda is to create a sense of ownership: “the private sector has made significant efforts and changes in terms of its role in society. In addition to driving the economy, it promotes environmental sustainability, equity and social investment. It is necessary that these changes are not only generated in large companies, but also in small and micro companies”.


Context of the event

On September 15, ProPacífico presented the Índice de Desarrollo Sostenible Municipal, a tool developed together with the private sector, which allows to compare the municipalities of Valle del Cauca and Cauca in their progress towards the implementation of the sustainable development agenda. 



The  Índice de Desarrollo Sostenible Municipal is an evaluation and territorial planning tool, which provides information on opportunities for improvement in the achievement of the SDGs. “The important thing about this type of initiative is that it is taken as a reference for implementing changes in national and territorial public policy,” said Schönrock. 


To measure the SDGs, the Director of Cepei affirms that it is necessary to: 


Close data gaps in the territories: this is possible when all sustainable development actors, especially companies, provide quality data.


Increase capacities in the territories: governors’ offices, mayors’ offices and assemblies must use measurement instruments and data on the progress of the SDGs at the territorial level to be compared with the national level.


Consider data other than official statistics

It is necessary to strengthen the multi-stakeholder approach to measure, implement and monitor the SDGs.

Philipp Schönrock, Director of Cepei


Watch the launch of the Índice de Desarrollo Sostenible Municipal


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