The Summit of the Future: the most important moment for multilateralism in 2024

Mar 6, 2024

About the Event

The Summit of the Future is a high-level event that will take place from September 22-23 in New York (United States). It will be a unique generational opportunity to discuss and find solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the new multilateralism that has the United Nations at its center. 

The conclusions of this event will be key to knowing how prepared the world is to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in record time.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, data measuring the SDG targets are still limited, and national progress reports need the necessary quality to know the progress of the SDGs at the national level. In addition, the region faces several obstacles in moving forward as a unit toward the summit.

These include the need for common regional positions, the increase in discourse against the 2030 Agenda, and the division of political projects among the governments of countries in the region.

Despite this, Latin America and the Caribbean countries have opportunities to improve their work at the regional level and contribute to the Summit of the Future in 2024 and 2025. Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Antigua, and Barbuda chair key global scenarios for sustainable development, such as the G21, the UN World Data Forum, COP 16 on biodiversity, and the presidency of the UN General Assembly, among others. The region can contribute to shaping the multilateral system by building common positions and supporting the LAC countries leading each process.

Voluntary National Reports in the context of the Summit of the Future

The quality of reporting processes, especially Voluntary National Reports (VNRs), still needs to be improved to accelerate SDG implementation. While there is a commitment that each VNR should report on the status of national progress towards the 17 SDGs, several countries are limited to reporting on subsets of goals, with information only for those that should be studied in depth at each session of the High-Level Political Forum. 

On the other hand, there needs to be more understanding of the mission of VNRs and difficulty managing the diversity of national views in reporting to international society.

Conclusions of the event

  • At this crucial moment for multilateralism, the VNRs are a way to connect processes, on the one hand, to know the status of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and, on the other hand, to build inputs for the Summit of the Future. 
  • Faced with the Summit of the Future, improving the quality of the VNRs means doing it better without great economic expense, and this implies integrating processes, putting in place achievement-oriented actions, and promoting dialogue.

Read the glossary of terms developed by Cepei to learn more about the Summit of the Future.


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