Statistical Conference of the Americas ECLAC 2020

Sep 9, 2020

ECLAC´s 2020 Statistical Conference of the Americas

From August 25 to 27, the Statistical Conference of the Americas was held virtually. Cepei made a presentation on the milestones of the Data for Now initiative in Colombia and Paraguay, pioneer countries in the Latin American region.

The ECLAC’s Statistical Conference of the Americas is a subsidiary body of the Commission, created in 2000 through resolution 580 (XXVIII) of ECLAC and resolution 2000/7 of the Economic and Social Council, to contribute to the progress of the statistical policies and activities in the countries of the region and promote international, regional and bilateral cooperation between national statistical institutes and international and regional organizations.

Its mandates include promoting the development and improvement of national statistics and their international comparability, taking into account the recommendations of the United Nations Statistical Commission, specialized agencies and other relevant organizations; And to prepare activities for the promotion of regional and international cooperation that responds to the demands of the LAC countries.




Data for Now is an independent initiative, led by eight countries in three regions, supported by the Global Partnership (GPSDD), the World Bank, SDSN TReNDS and the United Nations Statistics Division. Cepei leads the activities for mapping information gaps and needs, consolidating partnerships, strengthening capacities and implementing new methodologies and measurements for monitoring the SDGs in Colombia and Paraguay. Since February 2020, Cepei has accompanied Paraguay in the implementation and measurement of its Water Information System (WIS), engaging representatives of the National Statistical Office, the National University of Asunción, members of the Water Committee, the Itaipú dam hydroelectric plant, and the Ministries of Environment, Technology and Agriculture.

The objective of the session focused on presenting the milestones of the Data for Now initiative in Colombia and Paraguay, pioneer countries in the Latin American region.


In his speech, Cepei’s Data Coordinator, Fredy Rodríguez, presented the scope of the D4N initiative, as well as the main activities and achievements in Colombia and Paraguay. In addition, for each country, the Directors of the National Statistical Office -DANE Director, Juan Daniel Oviedo, and the DGEEC Director, Iván Ojeda, respectively-, were given a space to comment on their experiences as active members of the initiative.


1. Impacts and results achieved in Colombia

  • Capacity building on updated poverty measurement strategies is required, using geographic analysis methods and tools
  • The identification and delimitation of future projects on poverty is essential

2. Impacts and results achieved in Paraguay

  • Capacity building on information systems and methodologies to measure water issues is necessary
  • The identification and delimitation of strategies is required to implement the Water Information System in Paraguay
  • A proposal for a baseline of water indicators in Paraguay is necessary to be included in the National Statistical System

“When the objective is to close information gaps and improve the existing data of each country to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals, the needs of actors are important to respond to the real demands, while the experience and alignment efforts of multiple actors guarantee sustainability and projection”.

Fredy Rodríguez, Cepei




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