The Data Coordinator of Cepei invited to be part of the 1st Analytical Forum of Telefónica to discuss Big Data as a generator of social value

Dec 2, 2018

Telefónica held its 1st Analytical Forum in Bogota, between May 02 and May 03, 2018. Cepei participated in the panel “Big Data as a generator of social value”.

The Telefónica Forums are a space for debate, analysis and learning around new trends in the digital world where experts and different guests can share their visions.

On this occasion, the 1st Telefónica Analytical Forum was a space for knowledge exchange on how analytics allows transforming data into valuable business information. Experts w in Information Management, Customer Intelligence, Big Data and Advanced Analytics where part of the discussions. This space allowed to catch up with the latest trends in solutions that support innovation, strategy, customer knowledge and best market practices in a simple but effective way.

The Data Coordinator of Cepei, Fredy Rodríguez, was invited to participate in the panel “Big Data as generator of social value”, where, together with the National Planning Department of Colombia, UNICEF and Telefónica, the discussion focused in the main contribution of data analytics to achieve the 2030 Agenda goals, as well as Colombia’s position regarding the region in the use and analysis of data. Other topics addressed during the panel were: the benefits that has bring to Colombia the use of Big Data; Unicef’s opinion on the main social uses that Big Data will have in 10 years; How could intersectoral collaborations be promoted and replicated to increase the use of Big Data for social good?. On the National Department of Planning´s side, how has the public sector advanced in the integration of Big Data to streamline the administration and supply of public services?; What policies should be implemented as next steps to accelerate the adoption process?

Fredy Rodríguez, Data Coordinator of Cepei, in the First Analitical Forum of Telefónica, May 2, 2018, Bogotá D.C., Colombia. © Cepei Archive

“In Colombia and Latin America there is a minimum use of the information recorded in open data platforms, we need to work on the culture of data, both regionally, nationally and locally. The call is to promote, from different sectors, the use of data, as it is, for example, through the construction of stories based on them.

I want to announce that on May 14, Cepei, with the support of Telefónica, Connectas and SocialTic, will launch a massive online course “Data Journalism for Sustainable Development”, which seeks to raise awareness about sustainable development, but also on the use of data to build stories based on evidence within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. Everyone is invited to take it on the MiríadaX platform of Telefónica Educación Digital.”

Fredy Rodríguez, Data Coordinator of Cepei

Among the guests of the panel, moderated by Natalia Guerra, Director of Public and Regulatory Affairs of Telefónica Colombia, were: Juliana Ramírez Echeverry, advisor of the Telecommunications Directorate Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy of the DNP; and Viviana Rocío Canón from UNICEF.

Juliana Ramírez, National Planning Department of Colombia, May 2, 2018, Bogotá D.C., Colombia. © Cepei Archive

“The DNP realized that it needs tools or technical guidelines to be clear about how  data is opened, how an administrative record is managed, what must be done to guarantee the correct anonymization of the data, what rules must be established for the exchange of data between public entities, and thus avoiding bureaucratic barriers; is a matter of creating conditions within the natural competencies of public entities that are already involved with the use of data “.

Juliana Ramírez, National Planning Department (DNP)

“I believe that all sectors have an opportunity regarding the use of Big Data, everyone should be involved in this process. In the health sector we see that the opportunities are very large, although we are aware of the challenges that still need to be faced, for example, regarding the anonymization of data and other aspects that still need to be resolved, such as the issue of confidentiality. “

Viviana Canón, UNICEF Colombia

Source: Telefónica Colombia

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