DataRepublica at Big Data Week Madrid

Nov 28, 2017

Synergic Partners hosted the sixth edition of  Big Data Week, Global Festival of Data, featuring the conference “Big Data Use” held on October 24th in Madrid, where Cepei’s Director, Philipp Schönrock, presented DataRepublica.

Big Data Week is a global concept of interconnected community events that focuses on the latest Big Data solutions, innovations and improvements in a wide range of industries.

The Festival brings together a global community of data scientists, data technologists, data visualizers and data companies spanning the main commercial, financial, social and technological sectors.

Big Data Week connects several major cities in Europe, America, Australia and Pacific Asia through local meetings, events, networking functions, data visualization demonstrations, discussions, debates, conferences and hackathons. The events are designed to provide a common ground for educating, informing and inspiring, organized by people passionate and knowledgeable about data exploration.

In this opportunity Big Data Week landed in Madrid with “Big Data Use”, a one-day conference that focused on showing the latest discoveries and good practices in big data. Data Science, Analytics and Visualization, Big Data Architectures, Security, Artificial Intelligence Projects and Data Processing for customer management were some of the topics addressed during the event.

Among participants were representatives of Fundación Telefónica, Sanitas, Amazon Web Services, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Data Science Awards Spain, Gas Natural Fenosa, ALSA and ASTI.

Cepei’s Director, Philipp Schönrock, presented DataRepublica, a data lab for sustainable development. He focused on showing what the initiative has achieved in terms of 1) data ecosystem mapping for sustainable development in three Latin American countries (Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico), 2) capacity building or data literacy, and 3) Data Poets, publication of data stories.

Cepei´s Director, Philipp Schönrock, presenting DataRepública, data lab to promote sustainable development and SDGs, at Big Data Week, October 24th, Madrid, Spain. © Eun Young Cho-조은영
 DataRepública´s presentation at Big Data Week, October 24th  2017, Madrid, Spain
Philipp Schönrock explains why SDGs are important and how are they related to DataRepública, Big Data Week, October 24th 2017, Madrid, Spain. © Synergic Partners
Cepei´s Director comments how data gaps were an incentive to create DataRepública, Big Data Week, Octubre 24th 2017, Madrid, Spain. © TefPublicPolicy
Data Poets -data storytelling platform- presentation at Big Data Week, October 24th 2017, Madrid, Spain.

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