Data partnerships to boost the use of administrative data for sustainable development

Oct 11, 2021

In the framework of the UN World Data Forum 2021, held in Bern, Switzerland, from October 3th to 6th, Cepei and Tanzania DataLab co-organized a round table session on the importance of data partnerships to address existing data gaps and ensure data is used in evidence-based policymaking for sustainable development. 



Our partners from Tableau Foundation, PARIS 21, Millennium Challenge, the Global Partnership and LIRNEasia, shared experiences from the Global South on how data partnerships can contribute to minimize duplications in data collection and analysis, setting data quality assurance frameworks, and ensuring that the data collected is used in planning, and decision-making for t 2030 Agenda and SDGs monitoring and implementation. 




As a Member of the UN World Data Forum’s Programme Committee, this year Cepei called the data community to forge multistakeholder data partnerships to reduce existing data gaps for 2030 Agenda implementation and SDGs monitoring. 

Philipp Schönrock, Director of Cepei, highlighted that “the Global South has the capabilities and leadership to move towards a common future through data partnerships. We are now sharing our knowledge with other sustainable development actors outside the region”.

Key points of the intervention


“Cepei believes that partnerships are based on trust, empathy, and sharing competences. Research is the basis for sustainable development and multi-stakeholder data partnerships are a tool to promote it”. -Philipp Schönrock, Cepei 


“Data partnerships have taught us they take time and must be inclusive. Collaboration starts between civil society and governments. How they learn from each other.” -Karen Bett, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data


“In Tanzania we focus not on having more data but on getting locals to understand why data is important to move towards sustainability. Now it is “local sustainability.”  -Mahadia Tunga, Data Lab Tanzania


“Creating successful partnerships requires the use of technology and communication skills. It is necessary to facilitate dialogue between those who produce data and who are behind decision-making.” -Ranjiv Ranjan, PARIS 21


“The main keys to building partnerships are data quality and making the data work.” -Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, LIRNEasia


“Everyone has a voice at the table, everyone deserves to be heard, only then data will have a better impact.” -Neal Myrick, Tableau Foundation


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