COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre: An innovative platform that provides country-by-country data to recover from the pandemic

Dec 11, 2020

COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre: An innovative platform that provides country-by-country data to recover from the pandemic

On December 3rd, Cepei in partnership with the UN COVID-19 Multi-Partner Trust Fund and the support of Tableau Foundation, presented the COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre, a platform that prioritizes and identifies current information, policies on socio-economic recovery in low- and middle-income countries and the availability of financial resources.

Thanks to  the consolidation of  alliances with academia, governments, non-profit organizations and the private sector, national terminals for  the countries of Colombia, Rwanda and Nigeria have been published. These terminals provide real time information  on the effects of the pandemic and the e national recovery and response plans focused on economic, environmental, social and public health issues. Other countries such as Argentina, Cameroon, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Madagascar, Senegal and Vietnam will be published soon. High- level speakers, known to promote sustainable development for humanity, were part of the COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre´s launch. 

The launch of the COVID-19 Data & Innovation Center had the participation of world figures who have been recognized for their work in favor of humanity and sustainable development. More than 250 people around the world were connected during the virtual event and learned the importance of data to build back better.



During 2020, due to the shocks caused by  the COVID-19 pandemic, , Cepei highlighted the need for a Global South platform to share experiences, knowledge, innovative strategies, and recommendations to respond to the challenge. The Centre aims to: Open up dialogue through data, tracking of resources allocation, analysis, and by calling attention over information gaps, immediate needs, response strategies, and how these interact with pre-existing vulnerabilities. 

The data in the platform is framed by the five United Nations Development System pillars related to the pandemic response: 

1. Health First
2. Protecting People
3. Economic Response & Recovery
4. Macroeconomic Response & Multilateral Collaboration
5. Social Cohesion & Community Resilience
6. As well other cross-cutting dimensions such as Gender Equality and Green Recovery

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Featured ideas


There are many ideas to improve national recovery plans. The platform allows these ideas to be connected to make better decisions in low- and middle-income countries.


“This Data and Innovation Centre will do an awful lot for us. It will identify how we can quickly course correct. And the initial problems that caused the situation in the first place”. -Amina J. Mohammed.


“In the classrooms it is important to teach about data to benefit continents, countries and communities (…) Data is essential to understand the world and make policies to plan for the future.” -Lydie Hakizimana.


“We need data to continue to push gender equality and change lives”. -Anita Bhatia.


“The power of data and public health is closely connected. It is the way to respond to and attend the most urgent needs”. -Adam Selipsky.


“We are generating a sophisticated architecture that facilitates data access, data analytics, and data dissemination”. -Philipp Schönrock






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