Legal barriers to big data within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals in Latin America

February 20, 2019

Big data is a very important tool when it comes to monitoring progress and making decisions for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. However, in the legal field it can face several challenges.

One of them is the protection of personal data, where each national regime handles different legislations on the subject. The document created by Linterna Verde for the Big Data for Development Network (BD4D) focuses on Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, and addresses the legal challenges for processing information in the framework of big data and the SDGs. Among them, the legal foundations for the treatment, the transfer of information to third countries and the compliance with security obligations on the data, offering conclusions and recommendations.

The most important challenge when collecting information, for entities and companies at the regional level, is to carry out large-scale treatments that go beyond their borders. With regard to the transfer of international data, it is advisable to take into account recommendations such as those offered by the GECTI guide (Study Group on Internet, Electronic Commerce, Telecommunications and Information Technology of the Universidad de los Andes) on what is known as the ‘principle of accountability in international transfers of personal data ‘.

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