Celebrating Milestones, Navigating Futures: Cepei’s Plans for 2024

February 9, 2024

Philipp Schönrock
Executive Director
Alexandra Roladán
Strategic Planning

In the vibrant heart of Bogota, Colombia, Cepei proudly marks 23 years of dedicated service to sustainable development. As we reflect on this journey, our gaze is set forward, ready to chart the course for a purposeful year ahead.

In 2024, Cepei’s strategic objectives are clear. We are dedicated to both strengthening political processes and improving evidence for decision-making

This involves active advocacy in key global and regional forums with a particular focus on the UN Summit of the Future and how it could rise to the occasion and address the needs of the future of multilateralism. 

With the urgency of the SDGs in mind, we subscribe to our value proposition’s strategic blueprint: “Track to accelerate.” We will provide a meticulous SDG Voluntary National Review (VNR) analysis to enhance reporting quality and simultaneously scale up proven approaches to data systems through public-private data partnerships for the SDGs at the global and local levels. 

Our 2024 initiatives seamlessly integrate local and regional voices into the global narrative.

a. Impulses from the regions: How Latin American and Caribbean countries could shape the multilateral system in the next two years. The increasing importance of multiple and emerging actors from the so-called South within the global development decision-making process has been a significant reason for several countries from Latin America and the Caribbean to take leadership in key multilateral scenarios such as the G21, COP 30, UN ECOSOC, and the UN General Assembly. We will spearhead an ambitious contribution, shaping how Latin America and the Caribbean can actively influence global development decision-making through these leadership positions. 

b. The G77 + China and global cooperation in the United Nations:  We are exploring evolving dynamics in UN dialogue, focusing on enhancing the G77’s role in global problem-solving. Our research aims to understand how the conditions for dialogue between the global South and North in the UN have changed and how that offers opportunities for better multilateral cooperation. A better understanding of the G77, its formal and informal structures and decision-making processes, its voting patterns, and its driving and impeding factors will go a great length in better understanding the G77’s role in UN processes. We are partnering with the think tank IDOS to conduct this study. 

c. Localization of the Data Action Plan: We will leverage the current value and active potential of the Data Action Plan to catalyze change by promoting public-private data initiatives in local contexts. By consolidating evidence and facilitating co-learning, we aim to drive more effective approaches to accelerating the SDGs. 

As part of our Data Action Plan initiative, Cepei is leading efforts to strengthen South-South cooperation through a planned peer exchange by fostering cross-regional collaboration and learning between stakeholders in Africa and the Latin American region. We aim to address priorities identified by our partners in the two regions by capturing, managing, analyzing, and sharing solutions supporting public-private data initiatives for sustainable development.

d. VNR Analytics: We have integrated two elements to bolster the quality of Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) on sustainable development progress in Latin America and Caribbean countries. The SDG VNR Quality Tracker is designed to empower nations in the region by providing real-time tracking of their SDG progress and our annual Flagship Report is a comprehensive analysis of the quality of LAC VNRs. The Tracker facilitates swift comparison between national reports and provides actionable insights and recommendations, enabling continuous improvement in reporting practices. The report sheds light on critical aspects, such as the governance structures established by each country to drive the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. 

Cepei will actively participate in global and regional forums throughout 2024. This involvement allows us to ensure that Latin American perspectives actively shape sustainable development agendas on the global stage. We will organize impactful side events to foster in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange. Through dedicated advocacy campaigns and strategic networking, Cepei aims to influence policymaking by generating data-driven insights for decision-makers and contributing to the ongoing debate on sustainable development.

Cepei proudly spotlights its multidisciplinary team. With a renewed focus on the data unit, our team is poised to contribute substantially to our mission. Meet our team and explore their expertise here. 

We sincerely thank our donors and partners whose constant support fuels our initiatives. Together, we are forging an impactful path toward sustainable development that is inclusive and data-driven!

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