Why a data action plan?

As we move towards the final phase of the SDGs, it is crucial that we—collectively as a data community—take stock of what we have achieved to date, how the development context and agenda have evolved, and what is left to do by 2030.

What is the 2030 Data Action Plan?

A roadmap developed by a coalition of global, regional, and national partners to drive the data revolution to achieve the SDGs over the next six years.

To achieve our objective, we will focus on the following activities:

1. Define a clear and consensual vision of success in 2030 from a data revolution perspective.

2. Prepare progress reports that identify successes, lessons learned, challenges, and opportunities on topics such as funding for the data agenda, advancing the production and use of quality data so that no one is left behind, promoting the effective and responsible use of data to support evidence-based decision making.

3. Analyze how the political, economic, social, and development context has evolved, and what this implies for the last six years of implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The 2030 Data Action Plan will be presented at the UN SDG Summit in September 2023, at the GPSDD Data Festival in November 2023, and at the UN World Data Forum in 2024.

A roadmap for unleashing the potential of data to accelerate 2030 Agenda
During the SDG Summit, Cepei and its partners presented their vision for unleashing the transformative potential of data around the world by 2030.



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