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SDG Institutionality

Following the commitment adopted to implement the 2030 Agenda, each country is providing its own institutional and work mandate to monitor its national progress towards the fulfillment of the SDGs. Check out the main elements of this process in each of the 33 LAC countries.


Regulatory framework for the environment and human rights

The implementation of the SDGs requires the participation of all stakeholders. The State, as the main responsible agent for fulfilling the commitments of the 2030 Agenda, must promote this participation through normative, political, economic and social incentives that create multi-stakeholder enabling environments.

Environmental Treaties
Human Rights Treaties
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Cepei and the German Council for Sustainable Development organized the inaugural meeting of the Global Forum for SDG Advisory Bodies

During this Global Forum´s inaugural meeting, network members were expected to identify demands and capabilities for the fulfillment of the SDGs, and provide potential paths and skills for accelerated implementation.

The academic sector in Colombia working on International Cooperation and environmental issues

Representatives from Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Argentina, Spain and the United States were part of the International Symposium. From La Plata, Argentina, the Governance Coordinator of Cepei participated as a speaker in the meeting.