Philipp Schönrock


Is the director of Cepei, an independent think tank, that works through field based analysis and high-level advocacy to scale up the participation of Latin America and the Caribbean within the global development agendas.

In 2003 he founded Cepei and from there on he has been working closely with decision takers and those who influence them, by analyzing, promoting ideas, generating capacities and providing demand driven information about development processes throughout the region.

Cepei´s work aims to increase regional dialogue and sharing of information, provide policy solutions and insights in critical strategic areas so as to optimize the engagement on: governance, finance and data for sustainable development. It has catalyzed and created multi-stakeholder dialogues around the sustainable development agenda by bringing together presidents, ministers, parliamentarians, statisticians, data scientist, development experts and practitioners to gather feedback and inputs from a regional perspective.

Over the past few years, Mr. Schönrock has conducted numerous targeted research projects and proposed policy strategies. This work is grounded in research developed in over 20 countries, in 4 continents, based on data and assessments from the field. During his career, he has worked as a Project Coordinator for the Ecole de la Paix in Grenoble and served as an adviser to the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation in Paris, France, and for the Colombian government’s commercial office in Germany (PROCOLOMBIA). Further, he has worked as a consultant for several international organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations Development Program -UNDP, Inter-American Development Bank, Ford Foundation, among many other.

Other engagements are as a member of the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data Technical Advisory Group, as a member of the Together 2030 board, the Programme Committee of the UN World Data Forum, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Thematic Research Network on Data and Statistics (SDSN TReNDS), and as an active member of the United Nations Advisory Core Team for the Post-2015 Strategy Hub. At the regional level, he has been the civil society Co-Chair of the LAC Community of Practice on Management for Development Results (Inter American Development Bank); and at the national level he represents Cepei at the Board of Directors of the Colombian Confederation of NGO

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