Michel Mouyelo-Katou

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Lead Consultant
African Development Bank

Born in Congo-Brazzaville, Michel Mouyelo-Katou is a national of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. He records 42 years of high level experience in statistics, economics, economic development, poverty analysis, planning, statistical capacity development, as well as monitoring and evaluation, at national and international level. He was an expert with the European Commission for 6 years, the Director of a Luxembourg-based statistical institution for 11 years, and the Director of an EU-funded project. He joined the African Development Bank in June 2002 as a project Regional Coordinator, then a Statistical Capacity Building Manager. In 2009, he was hired by the World Bank, Washington DC, USA, as the Global Manager of the International Comparison Program, covering 199 countries and territories. After retiring from the World Bank, he consulted for major international organizations (OECD, FAO, ECA and other UN agencies, etc.). He is currently a lead consultant at the African Development Bank.

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