Juan Daniel Oviedo

National Administrative Department of Statistics of Colombia (DANE)

Economist from Universidad del Rosario, Ph. D. in Economics and Master in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics from the University of Toulouse (France).

Throughout his professional career he has served as senior professor and director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at Universidad del Rosario; director of the Doctoral School of Economics and senior professor; external advisor to the Superintendence of Ports and Transportation; the National Television Authority; the Superintendence of Family Subsidies; the Communications Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications, among other entities.

In his extensive research and consulting career, his expertise in regulatory economics, contract economics, competition policy and industrial organization, network economics, applied industrial economics, economic analysis of law and structuring of policy frameworks and sectoral regulation stand out.

At the national and international level he has been a lecturer and author of several articles and papers related to economics, information and communication technologies and regulation of regional natural gas markets.

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