António Guterres

Secretary-General, United Nations

“To complement existing analytical work and the mapping of regional functions and capacities that was carried out in 2017, we engaged in an innovative partnership with a group of experts from different regions specialized in sustainable development and familiar with the different regional contexts, under the overall coordination of Cepei, a think tank based in Colombia and with strong track record on the 2030 Agenda. Following visits to all regions and interviews with some 400 stakeholders, Cepei delivered rigorous analysis and recommendations that helped to inform the work of the internal review team.”

Report of the Secretary-General A/74/73 -E/2019/4, par.105, 24 April 2020

Amina J. Mohammed

Deputy Secretary-General, United Nationss

It is my hope that CEPEI’s COVID-19 Data & Innovation Centre will thus enhance the openness, transparency, and quality of what we do across analysis, programming, and results monitoring. And in doing so, it will shed light on new paths forward and ways to tailor our assistance to help those falling behind.”

Deputy Secretary-General’s remarks at COVID-19 Data and Innovation Centre Launch, december 9, 2020

Neal Myrick

Global Head, Tableau Foundation

“Through their Research and Development (R&D) efforts, Cepei learned how governments and organizations could use timely data to transform power decision-making and improve transparency. The Cepei team turned that new knowledge into a COVID-19 Data and Innovation Centre that would help the United Nations and other partners use data to monitor progress against COVID-19 response and recovery goals. Cepei knew that demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach during the pandemic response and recovery would have an incredible impact and provide evidence that using timely data to guide decisions wasn’t just helpful for a pandemic; it was an approach that should be taken all the time. Therefore, their pandemic response positioned them to scale an innovation long into the future.”

Miosotis Rivas Peña

General Director, National Statistics Office of the Dominican Republic

“La sinergia ONE – Cepei lograda a partir del trabajo realizado en 2021 para impulsar una visión conjunta desde el Estado dominicano que facilite la transformación y el fortalecimiento de su Sistema Estadístico Nacional, ha sido invaluable. La experiencia de Cepei en la promoción del diálogo, el consenso y la incidencia de alto nivel para la gestión de datos, es indiscutible. Auguro que esta alianza será fuente de procesos incluyentes, alianzas estratégicas y de cooperación para el desarrollo de las mejores prácticas institucionales en la gestión de datos oficiales y para en el diseño de políticas públicas basadas en evidencias que propicien el desarrollo sostenible nacional en el marco de la Agenda 2030”.

Claire Melamed

Chief Executive Officer, GPSDD

“CEPEI’s combination of political insights, communications and events experience, research capabilities and strong regional networks have played an invaluable role in fostering insight and engagement in using data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Arelys Bellorini

Senior United Nations Representative at World Vision

“Our partnership with CEPEI builds on our strong harmony of intentionally linking the local to global and back to the local level. Decisions at global level need to reflect national realities and needs, hence the importance of this continuum. CEPEI provides a great contribution from its national level perspective to regional and global. Its analysis, mapping, research on themes, data and citizen participation is critical to build bridges at those three levels of advocacy and policy making.”



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