In our organization, nobody is discriminated. On the contrary, we celebrate diversity, free expression, creativity and innovation, as well as different religious creeds. Many of us are believers, some are not, but we are all curious to learn from other cultures and customs, and we are tolerant with divergent views.

Before presenting a strategic plan, demonstrate our achievements and failures, we want you to know our team, they are the people who make of our organization a think tank that produces ideas for the world we deserve.

La pandemia ha demostrado la importancia de los datos, especialmente de los registros administrativos que ayudan a responder de forma oportuna a las necesidades y prioridades de las comunidades mundialmente afectadas🌐


Our work in the Caribbean especially in the framework of initiatives such as #BD4D, has allowed us to engage with institutions that demand more significant data analysis and knowledge exchange using novel research techniques.

➡️ https://www.mona.uwi.edu/msbm/news/msbms-virtual-workshop-inside-look-sentiment-analysis-toolbox

Data allows us to understand how challenging the pandemic has been. The data available in the #CovidDataCentre is an opportunity for decision-making.

Visit: https://knowledge4recovery.org