We believe

Cepei’s task is to contribute to sustainable development through knowledge generation and transference under an integrated and multi-stakeholder approach. Cepei works towards the Sustainable Development Goals agreed between the different actors, considering the interrelationships between agendas.

We are convinced  that by using data we can generate a change in collective understanding that can transform our enabling environment for an evidence-based decision making.

Our Principles

Institutional agreement

We recognize the legitimacy of democratic states, the respect for human rights, transparency, open data and accountability


We have an interdisciplinary vision to achieve bigger chances of impact

Innovation and creativity

We analyze our actions and evolve to better the quality of our work


We believe that all people, without discrimination, have the same opportunities and rights


We look for the best use of human, technological and financial resources


We carry out institutional arrangements that help make sustainable development’s impact more optimal


Interinstitutional relationship


All projects in which Cepei is involved must in all cases be:

Explicitly linked to topics that deal with sustainable development issues, its governance, finance or data.

Coherent with national, regional and global priorities of sustainable development.

Financially sustainable, so that continuity with processes can be assured.

We will not work with institutions that do not respect democratic principles, that manufacture weapons or tobacco, that don’t defend human rights or have no special consideration towards the care of the environment.

La pandemia ha demostrado la importancia de los datos, especialmente de los registros administrativos que ayudan a responder de forma oportuna a las necesidades y prioridades de las comunidades mundialmente afectadas🌐


Our work in the Caribbean especially in the framework of initiatives such as #BD4D, has allowed us to engage with institutions that demand more significant data analysis and knowledge exchange using novel research techniques.

➡️ https://www.mona.uwi.edu/msbm/news/msbms-virtual-workshop-inside-look-sentiment-analysis-toolbox

Data allows us to understand how challenging the pandemic has been. The data available in the #CovidDataCentre is an opportunity for decision-making.

Visit: https://knowledge4recovery.org