Cepei is a non-profit organization, that is financed by resources that result from philanthropy, international cooperation for development and the private sector.

Our initiatives must be explicitly linked to topics that deal with sustainable development issues, its governance, financing and data. We will not work with institutions that do not respect democratic principles, that manufacture weapons or tobacco, that don’t defend human rights or have no special consideration towards the care of the environment.


Cepei, accepting and complying with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012 and Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, adopts and applies this Policy for the processing of personal data. Cepei, states that guarantees privacy, rights to privacy, and the good name of people, during the process of processing personal data, in all activities, which will have the principles of confidentiality, security, legality, access, freedom and transparency.

Download the policy here 


Permanence in the special tax regime

Certification of Salary Payments 2019

Minutes of the Ordinary Assembly (April, 2019)

Management Report 2019

2019 Financial Statements

Certification article 364 numeral 3

Certification article 364 paragraph 2 numeral 13

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#CEPALSTAT es la principal puerta de acceso a la información estadística de los países de #AméricaLatina y el #Caribe recolectada, sistematizada y publicada por #CEPAL. Conoce su renovada interfaz presentada por @aliciabarcena en este video 👇
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