Our global team of multidisciplinary experts is committed to co-creation and partnering to position the Global South as a leader in producing and using data for sustainable development.


An independent think-tank based in Bogota, Colombia. Using data and analysis, we empower people and institutions to find paths towards sustainable development.


We have contributed to sustainable development for 20 years, and today, more than ever, we want to continue doing our part. Although the world may change, one thing never does: Our commitment to a just and inclusive world. These are the most relevant milestones in our history.


Since 2002, Cepei has visited the world’s regions and participated in the most relevant international and regional forums for monitoring sustainable development agendas.


We establish innovative partnerships and collaborations to generate high-quality knowledge and contribute to implementing and monitoring sustainable development. 

2021-2023 Strategy

A roadmap for Cepei’s work during the next three years concentrating on three strategic pillars: consolidating advocacy products, increasing the organization’s relevance, and expanding our framework for action.

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