The biggest challenge of our time is to drive sustainable development while achieving a balance in economic, social and environmental growth.

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It’s the first time in history that we have access to a huge amount of information and evidence about the impact interrelated between these three dimensions. 

The Centro de Pensamiento Estratégico Internacional (Cepei) was founded in 2002 in order to generate and transfer knowledge that contributes to this new reality. This Think Tank, located in Bogota, Colombia, has promoted the dialogue and multi-stakeholder participation in global agendas on sustainable development. This has been achieved by working through field based analysis and high-level advocacy to scale up and support the development community.

Our Mission

Based on data and analysis, we empower people and institutions to find pathways towards sustainable development.

Our Vision

To be a global driver of action from the South to impact change towards sustainable development, through knowledge and partnerships.

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About Us

La pandemia ha demostrado la importancia de los datos, especialmente de los registros administrativos que ayudan a responder de forma oportuna a las necesidades y prioridades de las comunidades mundialmente afectadas🌐


Our work in the Caribbean especially in the framework of initiatives such as #BD4D, has allowed us to engage with institutions that demand more significant data analysis and knowledge exchange using novel research techniques.


Data allows us to understand how challenging the pandemic has been. The data available in the #CovidDataCentre is an opportunity for decision-making.