What is 17 Rooms?

17 Rooms is a process to accelerate sustainable development by identifying concrete and achievable actions.

In 2018, the Center for Sustainable Development at The Brookings Institution and the Rockefeller Foundation launched the first edition of 17 Rooms.

Why Latin America?

In 2022, Cepei led the first regional adaptation of 17 Rooms for Latin America.

This was an excellent opportunity for the region to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs, which was chosen, among other things, because of the effects generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the barriers to implementing sustainable development agendas, its vulnerability to climate change and the lack of preparedness in terms of resilience.

How does it work?

The 17 SDGs are grouped into four working rooms:

Each room must agree on the priority actions to advance towards achieving the SDGs in the region. To do this:

1. Between 10 to 15 participants meet in the different rooms with the guidance of a moderator.

2. Each Room must identify between one and three viable actions to implement in the next 12 to 18 months.

3. Each room shares its ideas with the others to encourage exchange and identify synergies in the implementation phase.

4. The objective is to generate actions that demonstrably contribute to the SDGs.


17 Rooms Latin America: Final Report

17 Rooms Latin America: Final Report

This final report summarizes Cepei's work in adapting the 17 Rooms initiative in Latin America. The objective of the work was to move forward on the SDGs accomplishment in the region and to bring together, through dialogue, stakeholders from different sectors to find short-term solutions.

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