📌 "Los datos generados por los ciudadanos son #datos producidos por las personas u organizaciones para impulsar el cambio en los problemas que les afectan. Complementan la estadística oficial y sirven para medir indicadores #ODS. #Blog por @fredyrod86 ➡ https://bit.ly/33eI1h1

“#LAC countries most consider “Build Back Better” and work towards a society in which #HumanRights & #development are a priority. It is time to “Build Forward Better” learning from the past but focusing on the future” -Javier Surasky, @infoCEPEI

Absolutely! The converse is equally true: #HumanRights based policies could be better interpreted and used to promote transformations in society and respond to #COVID19 if #Data lens is integrated into the analysis... #RightOn https://twitter.com/infoCEPEI/status/1311306226916110337