Cepei and Telefónica presented DATA REPÚBLICA in Costa Rica

Together with Telefónica, we presented in Costa Rica our SDGS and data initiatives: Data República, data lab for sustainable development, and the online course “Data journalism for sustainable development”.

Cepei and Telefónica, as members of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) signed in 2016 an agreement to strengthen the data ecosystem for sustainable development in Latin America; this is how the data laboratory Data República came to birth.

Davis Adieno, Africa Regional Manager, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD), April 26, 2018, San José, Costa Rica. © Cepei.

The project was presented on April 26 in San José, Costa Rica, and is available on the website www.datarepublica.org. Through this platform users get to know which institutions contribute and use data related to the Sustainable Development Goals in Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica; identify existing tools to work with large amounts of data; share stories based on data and visualize them in innovative ways; as well as access to educational content to learn about data and the sustainable development agenda of the region.

Johanna Escobar, Country Director, Telefónica Costa Rica, April 26, 2018, San José, Costa Rica. © Cepei

“Telefónica promotes this initiative with the purpose of informing and encouraging the national press to analyze open data related to the SDGs. From our role as a telecommunications operator committed to the deployment of connectivity, we are dedicated to making it easier for us as a society to get closer to the world of data. The goal is clear: identify opportunities for innovation to make decisions that improve the way we all live. “

Johanna Escobar, Country Director, Telefonica Costa Rica

The platform collects and centralizes data from different institutions and associates them with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in order to identify the information available to measure ODS indicators. Likewise, under its Learning component, it offers initiatives for the development of capacities related to the use of data.

The space with journalists was also an opportunity to announce the launch of the online course: “Data Journalism for Sustainable Development”, an initiative of Cepei and Data República, supported by Telefónica, Connectas and SocialTIC, aimed mainly at journalists and communicators. The course, hosted on the MiriadaX platform of Telefónica Educación Digital, will begin on May 14, 2018 and is part of the Data Journalism 2030 component of the Data República project.

Fredy Rodríguez, Data Coordinator of Cepei, April 20, 2016, San José, Costa Rica. © Cepei 

“Data journalism is now more relevant than ever because it allows us to analyze, order and reuse public data to narrate development stories and, in that sense, monitor and monitor the implementation of the global agenda of sustainable development, defined by the United Nations as the world road map to transform our world on the road to 2030. “

Fredy Rodríguez, Data Coordinator of Cepei

For more information about the course, click on the image:


Source: Telefónica Costa Rica

April 26th, 2018
San José, Costa Rica