Gracias @Marvacac, colaboradora en el Proyecto Análisis de sentimientos, por ser parte de la Red de Innovadores e incentivar el cambio.
"Nunca dudes que un pequeño grupo de personas comprometidas pueda cambiar el mundo. De hecho, es lo único que lo ha logrado" Margaret Meade.

Qua vadis HLPF? #HLPF2020 analysis by @infoCEPEI
* Most critical: inability to agree on a final Ministerial Declaration
* #ClimateChange present almost constantly; other #environmental issues largely absent
* pre-recorded #VNR's more typical of a #tourism fair than of #2030Agenda

How can geospatial data protect those most at risk during the #COVID19 pandemic?
We worked with @grid3global, @Esri @Maxar @ECA_OFFICIAL @stats_sl & many others to build a COVID-19 digital hub in Sierra Leone for effective pandemic response: