Our Partners

During the last 16 years we have established multisectoral partnerships with sustainable development actors. Meet our national and international partners.

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Our Partners

During the last 16 years we have established multisectoral partnerships with sustainable development actors. Meet our national and international partners.

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Our Partners

Global Development Agendas


The Census & SDG monitoring in the LAC region

The national census collects population and demographic, economic and social data, which account for the main characteristics of the people, homes, and households of a country. Through the collection, evaluation, analysis and publication of these data, an x-ray of the population is sought, which will allow us to know how many we are, what we have and what we need.

The Global Partnership and Cepei, presented  the third webinar of the Data for development in Latin America series, to discuss the relevance of censuses in the formulation of public policies for sustainable development.


The census allows to characterize the dynamics of population growth and identify the cartography and urban capacity of a territory. The information collected through the census is the main input for decision-making and for the generation of strategies according to the reality of each country both nationally and subnationally.



The last years have been decisive for the planning and presentation of censuses in the countries of the Latin American and Caribbean region. It is known that currently six countries presented their respective population censuses between 2017 and 2018, while nine already have dates for the elaboration of them between 2022.



Data for Development


We represent the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) in Latin America and the Caribbean through the promotion of initiatives to strengthen inclusive data ecosystems.


BD4D is a network that promotes the use of big data for sustainable development through research and data analysis.


Data Republica is a data lab that promotes capacity building, evidence-based knowledge generation, and data ecosystems, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Governance for Development


Developed by Cepei, this tool is based on its own methodology to monitor compliance with the commitments that Latin America and the Caribbean governments have made with the implementation of the global development agendas.


The Center for Studies on VNRs analyzes the national reviews presented by Latin America and the Caribbean countries, making available to the user other official documents for a better understanding of the actions that countries carry out to move towards sustainable development.


A set of profiles of Latin American and the Caribbean countries, which include relevant information to understand their institutionality, development policies and actions oriented towards the implementation of the SDGs.


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Governance of the 2030 Agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean: institutions and mechanisms for the implementation and monitoring of the SDGs

To what degree are non-governmental actors included in the national structures for the implementation and monitoring of the #2030Agenda in the Latin America and the Caribbean countries? Check out our latest report.

Sentiment Analysis to inform about the SDGs: Immigration in Colombia and Costa Rica

In this paper, we present the use of Sentiment Analysis in implementing SDGs through a use case which addresses the problem of immigration in Colombia and in Costa Rica. For this purpose, we have proposed a new Machine Learning (ML) based Sentiment Analysis approach on data related to immigration in these two countries, collected from Twitter.


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Cepei and the German Council for Sustainable Development are organizing the inaugural meeting of the Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies

During this Global Forum´s inaugural meeting, network members are expected to identify demands and capabilities for the fulfillment of the SDGs, and provide potential paths and skills for accelerated implementation.

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Institutional partnerships

 We look for partners that share our vision, and contribute to the promotion of the three dimensions of sustainable development.


 Join or propose new research, evaluation and monitoring initiatives on sustainable development.


Support our work to expand our reach or to create complementary initiatives.

¿Qué se necesita para implementar los ODS a nivel local? Experiencias desde otros lugares sobre lo que lo que se debe hacer para acelerar la implantación de los ODS. #GlobalForum4SDGs

Experience from #Mexico | Linda Fernández, Mexican Council for Sustainable Development - "The Council helps stakeholders to align with the implementation of the #2030Agenda, according to their faculties and capacities".

Experience from #Egipt: Hanaa el Hilaly, Egyptian Arab Land Bank | On the alignment of the national budget with the #SDGs #DecadeOfAction