We work on the analysis of the institutional architecture established to implement and monitor progress in the fulfillment of global sustainable development agendas, as well as on the interactions that enable the participation of different actors in these processes.



“Since the pandemic started, the particularly serious consequences of COVID-19 on women have been exposed. It is not, of course, that the virus affects the body of men or women differently, but rather its ability to show us multiple ways in which our societies impose burdens and punishments on them simply because they are women, while discussing the hypocrisy that exists around gender equality”. 

 New blog  by the Governance area Coordinator of Cepei, Javier Surasky. 


“COVID-19 highlights the role of women in all dimensions of society, but also their high level of exposure. In the fight against the virus, women represent 67% of health professionals worldwide. Overall, however, there is an average gender pay gap of approximately 28% in the health workforce (WHO, 2019)”. 

Contribution by Margarita Vaca, Data Researcher at Cepei. 


“COVID-19 pandemic has become, in many ways, a hinge of our era. Statistics are not excluded from this reality. Modernization of data production has been progressively progressing, but the transformation of novel elements was decisively accelerated with the pandemic. In the times to come, this trend is likely to consolidate. The international community must work for these improvements to impact countries in a homogeneous way, following the premise of leaving no one behind”.

By Hernán Muñoz, Cepei´s Data Ecosystem Advisor. 



Position Tracker

Developed by Cepei, this tool is based on its own methodology to monitor compliance with the commitments that Latin America and the Caribbean governments have made with the implementation of the global development agendas.

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Center for Studies on VNRs

The Center for Studies on VNRs analyzes the national reviews presented by Latin America and the Caribbean countries, making available to the user other official documents for a better understanding of the actions that countries carry out to move towards sustainable development.

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Second Generation Voluntary National Reviews

This work of Cepei presents 9 recommendations to guide the preparation of second and third VNRs towards second generation reviews.

Comparative Analysis of LAC VNRs (2016-2019)

As part of the VNR follow-up work, carried out by Cepei every year, we prepared this analysis that seeks to compare eight elements of the LAC Voluntary National Reviews presented at the HLPF from 2016 to 2019.

LAC Country Profiles

A set of profiles of Latin American and the Caribbean countries, which include relevant information to understand their institutionality, development policies and actions oriented towards the implementation of the SDGs.

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Multi-stakeholder dialogue leave no one behind: Recommendations to the Colombian National Government to achieve the SDGs

On Thursday, August 13, the multi-stakeholder dialogue "Leave no one behind" was organized by the Colombian Confederation of NGOs, the National Planning Council and the National Planning Department of Colombia. Representatives of the national and subnational government as well as civil society participated in the discussion. The Director of Cepei, Philipp Schönrock, was invited to be part of the event to present his thoughts and ideas on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Colombia, from the local and national perspective.


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DAY 2: UN GENERAL DEBATE | What did the LAC countries say?

We gathered the speeches of the Latin America and the Caribbean countries, which participated in the second day of the UN General Debate: Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Surinam, Guyana, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Panama.

Cepei at the HLPF 2020

Cepei will participate in two parallel events of the HLPF 2020. We hope you can join us. Register here!


The Governance for Sustainable Development area works together with the following partners.

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📹 #UN75 What did the Latin America and the Caribbean countries say in the 1st and 2nd sessions of the @UN General Debate?

We gathered their speeches, check them out!

📌 Day 1 ➡

📌 Day 2 ➡


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#UN75 What did the leaders of Latin America and the Caribbean say at the High-Level Meeting to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the @UN?

17 countries of the region participated in the celebration. Find their speeches here ➡ #UNGA #UNGA2020 #UNGA75