We generate knowledge and provide tools for the visibility, strengthening and potentialization of the use of data for sustainable development, to impact evidenced-based decision-making.


We represent the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) in Latin America and the Caribbean through the promotion of initiatives to strengthen inclusive data ecosystems.

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Exploratory meeting in Paraguay with actors from the data ecosystem for sustainable development

To explore different lines of cooperation between the GPSDD, Cepei and Paraguay, the Director and the Data Coordinator of Cepei visited Asunción.

BD4D is a network that promotes the use of big data for sustainable development through research and data analysis.

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The BD4D network organized a workshop in Rwanda for its annual meeting

LIRNEasia, LDRI, AIMS, CIS, Cepei, and IDRC, as a sponsor partner, shared experiences and  planned the future actions of the network.

Data Republica is a data lab that promotes capacity building, evidence-based knowledge generation, and data ecosystems, linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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In Cali, Colombia, the use of data is promoted to solve social problems

Cepei together with Telefónica Movistar, Esri, the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and the OSDAL Network, brought together 30 participants from different sectors for a workshop on early childhood data for the SDGs, where version 2.0 of was launched.


Big Data for Sustainable Development

The term big data refers to large data sets that cannot be processed and analyzed in a traditional way, since it is generated according to the dynamics of societies. Its five characteristics are: variety, volume, speed, value and truthfulness. The potential of big data is that it can explain causes of specific events, anticipate trends and provide possible solutions at all levels, especially for evidenced-based decision making.

What has been the main element for the positioning of big data for sustainable development in the Latin American and Caribbean region?



What is big data?

It is all structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, which is produced thanks to digital technologies based on social dynamics


This document by Cepei shows why big data offers an inexpensive and efficient alternative that can help close information gaps, and contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda



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Sentiment Analysis to inform about the SDGs: Immigration in Colombia and Costa Rica

In this paper, we present the use of Sentiment Analysis in implementing SDGs through a use case which addresses the problem of immigration in Colombia and in Costa Rica. For this purpose, we have proposed a new Machine Learning (ML) based Sentiment Analysis approach on data related to immigration in these two countries, collected from Twitter.


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Administrative data: LAC-Africa exchange

Thanks to the 60 experts, representatives from 11 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, who joined us for 3 days in Mexico City to reflect and learn together on 1 topic: administrative data!


We generate partnerships with organizations committed to the promotion of sustainable development.

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Con representantes del @Miticpy conversamos acerca de la próxima misión de @infoCEPEI a nuestro país, donde diferentes instituciones públicas, miembros del Sistema Estadístico Nacional, explorarán sobre el uso de fuentes no tradicionales para el logro de los #ODS.

@DGEECpy 🇵🇾 como miembro de la #AlianzaGlobaldeDatos🌎🧮📈 @Data4SDGs y @infoCEPEI accede a cooperación relevante para modernizar el Sistema Estadístico Nacional #Data4Now con el uso de fuentes no tradicionales de información #ODS6 #ODS15

Asimismo, del 22 al 24 SET, Paraguay recibirá a unos 25 países que analizarán la Comunicación Estadística. Este gran evento es posible mediante la postulación del país que obtuvo la financiación total de evento a través de PARIS 21.